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Hail and Farewell

I’ve been playing Pokemon Go for roughly 6 months now and I think this may be the first time I’ve acknowledged this (here) publicly which is more than just slightly amusing considering my username for the game is “jewleedotcom.”

Yes, you have reached the gal who diligently grinds at the Capitol several nights a week, walking “Jimmy’s loop” typically until the sun comes up (or at least into the wee hours of the morning!) in what seems an almost impossible feat to actually be the first female in the United States to reach Level 40. As far as I know, I’m still on track with this goal, although I’ll be the first to admit that life can unexpectedly throw curveballs (with ZERO bonuses for nice, good, or even excellent throws because life is a straight up ASSHOLE sometimes). Of course, these curveballs inevitably lead to the inability to accomplish much more than getting out of bed on some days (and some days it’s not even guaranteed that I’ve the ability to do even that), much less try and attempt to stick to any type of formal playing schedule because OBVIOUSLY.

At any rate, for those of you curious, I don’t plan to post here much more going forward (not that I’ve been posting much of anything here publicly anyway) because I’m in the process of setting up a new domain, in light of all of the devastating changes my family and I have experienced over the past few weeks (and will certainly continue to experience for the foreseeable future). That said, I have no intention of changing my in-game username, if only because that’s how so many of y’all have gotten to know me (or know of me). Once the new domain has been purchased and a content management system has been installed to facilitate publicly writing, I’ll post it here for a few weeks before likely setting it up so that this domain you’re visiting right now simply forwards to the new site. Regardless of how I ultimately usher people away from here and guide you instead towards my new place not here, feel free to leave a comment introducing yourself (and/or please feel free to share your own website/blog link!). I’ve met so many wonderfully supportive, incredibly kind, and genuinely loving members of the local Pokemon Go community and I’d love to be able to keep up with you all, much in the same way so many of you have been able to keep up with me. Besides, it seems a little one-sided for you to be able to stalk me online if you aren’t willing to afford me the same opportunity, amirite? [;

OK folks, that’s all for now. I’ll post the new link as soon as I’m able. Until we meet again…whether it’s here or at the Capitol…

(And if you’ve somehow landed here on my little island in the sea of internoodles and have NO idea what I’m talking about, just ignore the above as it likely makes no sense to anyone who doesn’t play PoGo. Either way, you can follow me along to my new domain (the link will be provided soon) or sift through the handful of posts here that are still publicly available.)

This Is Love ♥

(From left to right: the Middle, a Little, and a Biggle)


When I think about the world and how big it can seem, I know I can get through it all with my best friend right next to me.

We started out as little kids and watched each other grow, and anywhere I went with you I felt like I was home.

We won’t worry about our future, or fret about our past.

We’ll enjoy our time together knowing that this quietness will last.

Appreciating the Differences

The tickles from the butterflies in my fingertips are almost too much to take, therefore tonight, I write.

The little voice I have inside my head (the one opposite to Mr. Sean Connery) raises her call sometimes to request that I not be so neglectful of her when she appears. After all, she only comes around when she’s needed – to remind me that present circumstances neither require, nor dictate behaviours previously employed. And I love her for how gently she suggests to me that those (re)actions are the least effective way to resolve past hurts.

Not entirely unrelated, but separate of (and quite distinct from the above), I will conclude tonight’s candidness and veracity with the following words from someone who has been (and will unquestionably remain) very dear to my heart:

Soft and sweet, strong and salty.
Cool cream, hot coffee.
When we come together, there’s a change.
I know you’re good for me, you change me like the weather.
You change me for the better, we’re good together.

Drift and dream, or drive with directions.
Exploration or introspection.
No one way to win within this game.
I know you’re good for me, you spin me off my tether.
You change me for the better, we’re good together.

Would you please explain it one more time?
I love the wild surprise of seeing through your eyes!

One from Mars, one from Venus.
The whole world between us.
Sparks that bridge the difference feeds the flame.

I know you’re good for me, you spin me off my tether.
You change me for the betterwe’re good together.

What a crazy random happenstance!

Thank you for giving me one of the best birthiversary presents I’ve received in a long while. The mix tape you gave me makes me smile every time I start my car.

Help The Band – Get Cool Stuff

As some of you may know, I’m a Brain Behind the Band. This means I get to work with a LOT of incredible, amazing (INCREDIMAZING!) people and collectively we all help keep Band Back Together running and growing. Part of our growth means that we’ve recently filed the federal paperwork required to become a 501(c)(3) (non-profit) organization. This is a HUGE step and requires a hefty sum of money to complete. That’s where you come in!

The Band has created a (SUPER!) (AWESOME!) auction site for anyone interested in bidding on a variety of items. There’s a lot to choose from, so I humbly ask that you take a look at what we have to offer and bid your heart out on whatever tickles your fancy. We’ve had an outpouring of people willing to donate items and services so there’s something for everyone.

Please, go. If only to take a look. It would mean a lot to me but it would mean even more to The Band. See all of the items up for auction at