Daily Archives: July 7, 2013

Better late than never.

My oldest boy turned 12 years old (born on the 4th of July!), the other day. Rather than just slapping on a normal gift tag, I decided to create one, specially for him. I went through hundreds of pictures in order to add a picture from every single birthiversary he’s had so far.

Sadly, I realized that I have zero pictures from his 4th birthday (because his 4th birthiversary just so happened to be celebrated while he lived in England with his father, so naturally, I never received any pictures – if there even were any). Sidenote: Additionally, I found that for his 5th birthiversary celebration (also, while he lived with his father in England), I received a total of 3 pictures of his celebration, and (again), zero pictures of this 6th birthiversary. (If you guessed it was because he was still living with his father, you’d be absolutely correct.) /sidenote.

Regardless of this, I still managed to create this, something that I, myself, was proud of. I’m happy to report that Todd really enjoyed it too. So much so, that he wants me to reprint it so I can frame it and hang it in his room.

Happy 12th Birthiversary, Todd. I love you more than you will ever be able to measure. ♥