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Overheard in the Household – Volume 3

This little nugget is also from several months ago.

Me: Now that she’s done napping, Cora is currently in her crib dancing and making out with Eeyore.
Derek: I always feared that my daughter would end up dating a jackass.

Overheard in the Household – Volume 2

This installment of OHH is brought to you by a child named Logan:

A while back, Logan ran into our front room where Derek and I were sitting in order to ramble off some completely random fact he felt important enough to share with us. (Because it’s been several months now, I can’t remember what it was exactly.) Before he sprinted back into the family room, we had the following conversation.

Logan: (Insert random knowledge trivia here.)
Me: Wait, wait, wait! What made you think of that?
Logan: My brain just thought of it. I had a brainstorm!

From this past weekend…

Logan: Guess what? We have a new student in our class!
Me: That’s exciting! Are they nice?
Logan: Her name is Amelia. I introduced her to myself!