Welcome Home

My middle-little brother will be landing in Texas within the hour, after spending the last year in Afghanistan.

I am glad we now only live about an hour apart. (Much better than the distance between Ft. Hood and San Antonio.)

I am thrilled that he’ll be moving his future wife and little boy from Tennessee to the area in August. (It’s difficult to be an aunt with my one and only nephew halfway across the country! Also, since I never got a sister out of all of the children my mother had, I’m thrilled to at least have a sister-in-law. Additionally, I think I’ve convinced them that settling in San Antonio is a poor choice. Best to move to the Austin-ish area – it’s way better.)

I am greatly looking forward to Coraline and Halsey growing up around their one-and-only cousin. (Hayden is less than 2 months older than Coraline and is exactly 1 year and 3 days older than Halsey. I can just imagine what they’ll be like once they start elementary school, especially since Cora and Hayden will be in the same grade. ADORBZ.)

I am joyful, I am thankful, but most of all, I am relieved. (Thank you universe.)

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